Heeger Materials (HM) provides Thulium and compounds at a competitive price, including Thulium Acetate, Thulium Carbonate, Thulium Chloride, Thulium Fluoride, Thulium Metal, Thulium Nitrate, Thulium Oxalate, Thulium Oxide, Thulium Sulfate.

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    High Purity Evaporation Materials in form of pieces, granules or pellets. Packed in glass vials in quantities varying from 5-25 grams. Used for thin-film research, thermal evaporation and electron microscopy coatings. HM is a leading vendor of high purity Thulium (Tm) Evaporation Material. Our evaporation materials are available in various purities...

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Showing 13 - 13 of 13 items