Aluminum Based Master Alloy

Aluminum-based intermediate alloys refer to hundreds of millions of titanium boride particle clusters or titanium carbide particle clusters of different sizes, shapes, nucleation capabilities, and potentials, and aluminum-titanium compounds in aluminum-titanium-boron alloys, aluminum-titanium-carbon alloys or aluminum-titanium alloys.

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Aluminum-Based Master Alloy Description

Aluminum-based intermediate alloy is mainly a traditional product used to adjust the composition of aluminum melt, it is some melting temperature higher metal elements, using the melting method and aluminum production intermediates, the melting temperature of such intermediates significantly lower, so some melting temperatures higher metal elements at a lower temperature into the aluminum liquid, in order to mediate the elemental content of the aluminum melt.

Aluminum-Based Master Alloy Characteristic

  1. Uniform composition, low melting temperature.
  2. Easy to break, easy to join.
  3. High content of ingredients, easy to absorb.

Aluminum-Based Master Alloy Properties

  • Low density.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Strength, modulus, and plasticity. The strength and modulus of aluminum matrix composites are improved by the addition of reinforcement, but the plasticity is decreased.
  • Wear Resistance. High wear resistance is one of the characteristics of aluminum matrix composites (SiC, Al2O3 reinforced).
  • Fatigue and fracture toughness. The fatigue strength of aluminum matrix composites is generally higher than that of matrix metals, but the fracture toughness is decreased. The main factors affecting the fatigue performance and fracture of aluminum matrix composites include the interface bonding state between the reinforcement and the matrix, the properties of the matrix and the reinforcement itself, and the distribution of the reinforcement in the matrix.
  • Thermal performance. The thermal expansion mismatch between the reinforcement and the matrix is difficult to avoid in any composite material. In order to effectively reduce the thermal expansion coefficient of the composite material and keep the thermal match with the semiconductor material or ceramic substrate, the alloy with the low expansion is often used as the matrix and the composite material with a high volume fraction is prepared with different particle sizes.

Aluminum-Based Master Alloy Applications

  • Applications in the automotive field. Aluminum alloy composites can also be used to manufacture brake system components such as brake rotors, brake pistons, brake pads, and calipers. Aluminum matrix composites can also be used to manufacture automotive parts such as drive shafts and rocker's arms.
  • In the field of aerospace applications. With the development of modern science and technology, higher and higher requirements have been put forward for the performance of materials, especially in the field of aerospace to manufacture lightweight, flexible, excellent performance of aircraft, satellites, and so on. Aluminum matrix composite materials can meet the requirements in this aspect. At the same time, the composite material can also be used to manufacture satellite reaction wheels and direction frame support.
  • Applications in electronic and optical instruments. Aluminum matrix composites, especially reinforced aluminum matrix composites, are suitable for the manufacturing of electronic devices such as lining materials and heat sinks because of their advantages such as small thermal expansion coefficient, low density, and good thermal conductivity.
  • Application in sporting goods. Aluminum-based composites can be used instead of wood and metal to make tennis rackets, fishing rods, golf clubs, and snowboards. The bicycle chain gear made of particle-reinforced aluminum matrix composites has the advantages of being lightweight, high stiffness, and not easy to bend and deform, and its performance is better than that of aluminum alloy chain gear.