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    Tungsten powder is the raw material for preparing tungsten processing materials, tungsten alloys, and tungsten products. Tungsten powder is mainly used in the production of weight fillers, radiation shielding fillers, induction accelerators, etc.

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    Tungsten wire is forged and drawn from tungsten wire rods. The purity is 99.9% - 99.9999%. We are a supplier of high-purity tungsten wire with the shortest lead time and the best price.

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    We are a supplier of customized Tungsten and tungsten alloy Rod/Bar with the best quality and at a competitive price.

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    Tungsten Tube is widely used for thermocouple sheaths, semiconductors, electronic controls, medical devices, nuclear and aerospace critical applications, advanced electronics, solar thermal management technologies, and high-temperature furnace parts applications. Heeger Materials supplies high-quality Tungsten Tube / Tungsten Pipe at a competitive price.

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    Tungsten (W) crucibles are ideal for sapphire crystal growth and rare-earth melting processes due to their outstanding characteristics, including high-temperature resistance and low pollution. We offer top-quality customized tungsten crucibles at competitive prices. Choose our tungsten crucibles for unparalleled reliability and performance in your...

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    The tungsten plate is made of high-quality tungsten powder, which is processed into slabs with excellent performance. Special rolling process technology is used to produce tungsten plates and sheets, which have the advantages of good processing performance and low impurity content.

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    Tungsten disc and tungsten squares are widely used as contact materials in silicon-controlled rectifier diodes, transistors, and thyristors. 

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    We choose high-quality tungsten powder, process it into slabs with excellent performance, and produce tungsten sheets series products with special rolling process technology, which has the advantages of good processing performance and low impurity content.

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    Tungsten Strip/Ribbon are widely used in sodium vapor lamps, superconductor materials, beams and girders in buildings and offshore drilling towers, special industrial machinery, oil and gas pipelines, railroad equipment, and automobiles.

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    Heeger Materials (HM) provides customized Tungsten electrodes with the shortest lead time and competitive price.

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    Tungsten-copper alloy is a pseudo-alloy with a two-phase structure based on tungsten and copper as a sub-composite. Now generally using powder alloy technology for production.

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    Tungsten Rhenium alloy wire is drawn from an alloy rod composed of tungsten and rhenium, and the common rhenium content is 3%, 5%, 25%, and 26%. Tungsten-rhenium alloy wire has good electrical conductivity, ductility, and workability, and can be used for high-temperature thermocouple and cathode wire.

Showing 1 - 12 of 37 items

Tungsten Metal and Alloys

Tungsten (W) is an exceptionally strong refractory metal of Group 6 (VIb) of the table. Tungsten (W), is also called wolfram, a chemical element, and it is often utilized in steels to extend hardness and strength and in lamp filaments.

Tungsten Alloys

  • Heavy Tungsten Alloys (WNiFe and WNiCu)
  • Lanthanum tungsten alloy (WLa)
  • Tungsten copper Alloy (CuW)
  • Silver Tungsten Alloy (AgW)
  • Tungsten rhenium alloy (WRe

Tungsten Products

  • Tungsten Sheet/Plate
  • Tungsten Rod/Wire
  • Tungsten Tube
  • Tungsten Strip/Foil
  • Tungsten Crucible
  • Tungsten Powder

Tungsten Properties

Atomic number


Atomic volume

0.0159 [nm3]

CAS number


Density at 20 °C

19.25 [g/cm³]

Atomic mass


Crystal structure

body-centered cubic

Melting point

3,420 °C

Lattice constant

317 [pm]

Boiling point

5,555 °C

Abundance in the Earth's crust

1.25 [g/t]

Tungsten Applications

Tungsten is employed in filaments in incandescent light bulbs, as well as utilized in electric contacts and arc-welding electrodes. Tungsten is also used in alloys, like steel, to which it imparts great strength. Cement carbide is the most vital use for tungsten. It's the strength of forged iron, and it makes excellent cutting tools for the machining of steel. Tungsten is additionally utilized in microchip technology and liquid crystal displays.