Heeger Materials (HM) provides Lutetium and compounds at a competitive price, including Lutetium Acetate, Lutetium Carbonate, Lutetium Chloride, Lutetium Fluoride, Lutetium Hydroxide, Lutetium Metal, Lutetium Nitrate, Lutetium Oxalate, Lutetium Oxide, Lutetium Sulfate.

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    Lutetium (Lu) Sputtering Target can be used in semiconductor, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD) display, and optical applications. We are a professional supplier of high-quality Lutetium (Lu)  Sputtering Target at competitive prices. The purity and dimension can be customized.

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    High Purity Evaporation Materials in form of pieces, granules or pellets. Packed in glass vials in quantities varying from 5-25 grams. Used for thin film research, thermal evaporation and electron microscopy coatings. HM is a leading vendor of high purity Lutetium (Lu) Evaporation Material. Our evaporation materials are available in various purities...

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    Lutecium nitride (LuN) is an inorganic compound composed of lutecium and nitrogen. It is a yellow powder at room temperature. LuN has a cubic crystal structure and high thermal conductivity. It is used in the manufacturing of electronic components due to its electrically insulating properties. LuN powder is also used as a catalyst in some chemical reactions.

Showing 13 - 15 of 15 items