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Lanthanum (La) Sheet/Foil/Disc


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Lanthanum (La) is a silver-white metal whose density is 6.7g/cm3. Heeger Materials (HM) is a trusted manufacturer of Lanthanum metals. We offer the best Lanthanum sheet, Lanthanum foil, and Lanthanum disc at high quality and competitive prices. The dimensions and purity can be customized according to specific requirements.

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Purity99.9% - 99.99%

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Lanthanum is a rare earth element with the symbol La and atomic number 57. It is a soft and ductile metal that tarnishes slowly when exposed to air and is soft enough to be cut with a knife. It can be used in scientific research and industrial production.

Lanthanum (La) Sheet/Foil/Disc

  • EINECS No.: 231-099-0
  • Atomic Mass: 138.9055
  • Phase at STP: solid
  • Melting point: 1193 K (920 °C, 1688 °F)
  • Boiling point: 3737 K (3464 °C, 6267 °F)
  • Density (near r.t.): 6.162 g/cm3
  • Liquid (at m.p.): 5.94 g/cm3
  • The heat of fusion: 6.20 kJ/mol
  • The heat of vaporization: 400 kJ/mol
  • Molar heat capacity: 27.11 J/(mol·K)

Lanthanum (La) Sheet/Foil/Disc Specifications


0.3mm - 40mm, Tolerance:±0.01mm


10mm - 200mm, Tolerance:±1mm


10mm - 400mm, Tolerance:±1mm


TREM ≥ 99.95%, TREM ≥ 99.9%

Lanthanum (La) Sheet/Foil/Disc Applications

  • Used in the production of incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
  • Used in the manufacturing of optical lenses and glasses.
  • Lanthanum, in combination with other rare earth elements, is used in the production of high-strength permanent magnets.

Lanthanum (La) Sheet/Foil/Disc Package and Shipping

Lanthanum (La) Sheet/Foil/Disc is packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag filled with oil or an inert gas such as nitrogen or argon.

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