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Heeger Materials can provide rare earth metal wire and rod such as: Scandium wire, Yttrium wire, Lanthanum wire, Cerium wire, Praseodymium wire, neodymium wire, Promethium wire, Samarium wire, Europium wire, Gadolinium wire, Terbium wire, Dysprosium wire, Holmium wire, Erbium wire, Thulium wire, Ytterbium wire, Lutetium wire.
Heeger Materials can provide rare earth metal sheets and foils such as: Scandium sheets, Yttrium sheets, Lanthanum sheets, Cerium sheets, Praseodymium sheets, neodymium sheets, Promethium sheets, Samarium sheets, Europium sheets, Gadolinium sheets, Terbium sheets, Dysprosium sheets, Holmium sheets, Erbium sheets, Thulium sheets, Ytterbium sheets, Lutetium sheets.
The purity of Rare Earth Metal and its compound are different from other chemical products. Here are some of the abbreviated words in Rare Earth industry and the purity of Rare Earth Metals and Oxides.