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Erbium (Er) Sheet/Foil/Disc


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Erbium (Er) is a grayish metal which density is 8.795g/cm3, Heeger Materials (HM) is a trusted manufacturer of Erbium metals. We offer the highest quality Erbium sheet, Erbium foil, Erbium disc.

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Erbium is a chemical element with the symbol Er and atomic number 68. A silvery-white solid metal when artificially isolated, natural erbium is always found in chemical combination with other elements.

Erbium (Er) Sheet/Foil/Disc Specifications


Erbium sheet, Erbium foil, Erbium disc


0.5mm - 40mm,Tolerance:±0.01mm


10mm - 200mm,Tolerance:±1mm


10mm - 400mm,Tolerance:±1mm


TREM ≥ 99.95%, TREM ≥ 99.9%

Erbium Metal Property

  • CAS#: 7440-52-0
  • Melting point: 1802 K (1529 °C, 2784 °F)
  • Boiling point: 3141 K (2868 °C, 5194 °F)
  • Density (near r.t.): 9.066 g/cm3
  • When liquid (at m.p.): 8.86 g/cm3
  • Heat of fusion: 19.90 kJ/mol
  • Heat of vaporization: 280 kJ/mol
  • Molar heat capacity: 28.12 J/(mol·K)

Erbium (Er) Sheet/Foil/Disc Application

Erbium's principal uses involve its pink-colored Er3+ ions, which have optical fluorescent properties particularly useful in certain laser applications. Erbium-doped glasses or crystals can be used as optical amplification media, where Er3+ ions are optically pumped at around 980 or 1480 nm and then radiate light at 1530 nm in stimulated emission. This process results in an unusually mechanically simple laser optical amplifier for signals transmitted by fiber optics. The 1550 nm wavelength is especially important for optical communications because standard single-mode optical fibers have a minimal loss at this particular wavelength.

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