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Zirconium Fluoride Powder, ZrF4, CAS 7783-64-4


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Zirconium Fluoride (ZrF4) Powder is a white powder known for its excellent thermal and chemical stability, remaining unreactive with most substances even at high temperatures. Heeger Materials offers high-quality Zirconium Fluoride Powder at competitive prices, with options for customizing purity and particle size to meet specific requirements.

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Particle Size-50 mesh, -100 mesh, or customized
Molecular Weight167.22

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Zirconium Fluoride (ZrF4) Powder is a white powder with the molecular formula ZrF4 and can self-ignite in air. It exhibits slight solubility in water but readily dissolves in HF (hydrofluoric acid). There are existing two crystal forms: α-type and β-type. The α-ZrF4 crystal structure is synthesized at temperatures below 450°C, while temperatures above 450°C result in the transformation to β-ZrF4. At high temperatures, ZrF4 sublimes with a sublimation temperature of 905°C.

Zirconium Fluoride Powder, ZrF4, CAS 7783-64-4

  • Density: 4.43g/cm3
  • Melting point: 910℃

Zirconium Fluoride Powder Applications

  • Production of zirconium metal and other zirconium compounds, such as zirconium oxide, used in the production of ceramics, refractory materials, and nuclear fuel.
  • Manufacturing of optical coatings for glass lenses, mirrors, and prisms.
  • Additive in electroplating solutions for the deposition of zirconium and its alloys.
  • As a catalyst in organic synthesis, particularly in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.
  • As a fluxing agent in the production of aluminum, magnesium, and other metals.
  • As a component of electrolytes in solid-state batteries.
  • In the production of high-quality welding electrodes.
  • In the production of abrasives, such as grinding wheels and sandpaper.
  • In the production of fluoride glass.

Zirconium Fluoride Powder Storage and Packing

Zirconium Fluoride (ZrF4) Powder should be kept sealed and stored in a dry and cool place. The vacuum packing is 1kg/bag, 25/drum, or per specific requirement.

Zirconium Fluoride (ZrF4) Powder Packing

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