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Tungsten Boride (W2B) Powder CAS 12007-10-2

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Tungsten Borideis (W2B) is a black powder. It has metal conductivity and is soluble in aqua regia. Tungsten diboride should be stored in a closed, cool, and dry environment.

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WB is highly regarded as wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, and also is important as the major ingredients in iron and nickel boride compound cermet materials.

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Tungsten Boride (WB) Powder

Molecular formula


Molecular weight



Crystal structure




16 g/cm³

Tungsten Boride (WB) Powder 

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Application of Tungsten Boride (W2B) Powder

Metallic boride powders are very unique functional new ceramic materials. They have a high freezing point, high hardness, good electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity and are used as heat-resistant and hard materials which will be accurately processed by discharge machining. Tungsten Boride (BW2) is often used for wear-resistant coatings and semiconductor films of wear-resistant parts.

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