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Potassium Fluoride (KF) Powder, CAS 7789-23-3


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Potassium Fluoride (KF) Powder is classified as an alkali metal halide and serves as a vital source of fluoride ions in various manufacturing and chemical applications. Heeger Materials provides top-quality Potassium Fluoride (KF) Powder at competitive prices and offers customized solutions to meet specific requirements.

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Particle Size-60 mesh, or customzied
Molecular FormulaKF
Molecular Weight58.1

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Potassium Fluoride (KF) is a white monoclinic crystal or crystalline powder with a salty taste and hygroscopic properties. It readily absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment. Potassium Fluoride is soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol. Its aqueous solution exhibits alkaline properties and has the potential to corrode glass and porcelain materials. This compound is commonly employed in glass etching, food preservation, and electroplating applications.

Potassium Fluoride (KF) Powder, CAS 7789-23-3

  • Melting Point: 859.9° C
  • Density: 2.454 g/cm3
  • EINECS NO.: 232-151-5

Potassium Fluoride (KF) Powder Application

  • Used for glass carving, food anticorrosion, electroplating;
  • Used as a welding flux, insecticide, catalyst, absorbent (absorbing HF and moisture), etc;
  • Used as an analytical reagent, and a complex formation agent. It is also a raw material for making potassium hydrogen fluoride;
  • Used as a fluoride agent for organic compounds.
  • Used in metal finishing, batteries, coatings, and photographic chemicals.
  • Used for the study of ion-specific swelling and de-swelling of ampholytic polymer gels as well as in the measurement of electronic polarizabilities of ions in polymers of alkali halides.

Potassium Fluoride (KF) Powder Packing

Potassium Fluoride (KF) Powder should be stored in a cool and well-ventilated warehouse, away from fire and heat sources. It should be tightly sealed in its packaging. Storage should be separate from acids and edible chemicals, and cross-contamination must be avoided. The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to handle potential leaks. The available vacuum packing is 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum, or as per specific requirements.

Potassium Fluoride (KF) Powder Packing

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