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Beryllium Fluoride (BeF2) Powder, CAS 7787-49-7


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Beryllium Fluoride (BeF2) Powder is an important inorganic compound that possesses a structure resembling quartz. It exhibits high solubility in water and serves as the primary precursor for the production of beryllium metal. Heeger Materials provides top-quality Beryllium Fluoride (BeF2) Powder at competitive prices and offers customized solutions to meet specific requirements.

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Particle Size-100 mesh, or customized
Molecular FormulaBeF2
Molecular Weight47.01

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Beryllium Fluoride (BeF2) Powder is a white crystalline powder that exhibits excellent solubility in water. It serves as a critical component of molten salt fuels and secondary thermal agents utilized in molten salt reactors within the atomic industry. Beryllium fluoride can be produced through the thermolysis of ammonium beryllium fluoride, (NH4)2BeF4. In the form of fluoro beryllate glass, beryllium fluoride possesses the lowest refractive index for a solid at room temperature, measuring 1.275. It also exhibits the lowest dispersive power for a solid at 0.0093.

Beryllium Fluoride (BeF2) Powder, CAS 7787-49-7

  • Melting Point: 545℃
  • Boiling Point: 1169℃
  • Density: 1.986g/cm3

Beryllium fluoride (BeF2) Powder Application

  • Used in the nuclear industry as a neutron moderator and reflector.
  • Used in optical coatings due to its low refractive index and low dispersion properties. 
  • Used as an electrolyte in certain types of batteries, such as solid-state lithium batteries. 
  • Used as a flux in metal refining processes, particularly for the extraction and purification of metals like aluminum and beryllium.
  • Used as a catalyst in various chemical reactions, including organic synthesis reactions.
  • Used in the production of ceramic materials with high thermal stability and low dielectric constant, which find applications in electronics and telecommunications.

Beryllium fluoride (BeF2) Powder Packing

Store beryllium fluoride (BeF2) powder in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire, heat sources, and direct sunlight. Store separately from acids and edible chemicals. Ensure proper packaging and avoid mixing with other substances. Use suitable materials to handle any leaks. HM offers vacuum-sealed packaging including 100g/bag, 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum, or customized packaging as per specific requirements.

Beryllium Fluoride (BeF2) Powder Packing

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