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High Purity Hafnium Crystal Bar (Hf Bar)


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High-purity Hafnium Crystal Rods are produced by the iodination method and electron-beam smelting. The purity can be Hf+Zr≥99.99%, Zr≤0.2%/0.3%/0.5%, with low zirconium (200ppm, or 0.025%). Mainly used in the production of hafnium-based alloy materials. We provide customized High Purity Hafnium Crystal Bars with the shortest lead time and the best price.

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Purity Hf+Zr≥99.99%, Zr≤0.2%/0.3%/0.5%
Size 20-40mm, customized
CAS 7440-58-6

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High purity hafnium rod is also known as a crystalline hafnium rod, it is a silver metal crystal with a metallic luster. The purity can be Hf+Zr≥99.99%, Zr≤0.2%/0.3%/0.5%, with low zirconium (200ppm, or 0.025%). HM provides high-quality Hafnium (Hf) Crystal Rods at a competitive price, which can be used in scientific research or industrial production.

Hafnium Crystal Bar Properties

  • Hafnium has good corrosion resistance, is not easily corroded by general acid-base aqueous solutions, and is easily dissolved in hydrofluoric acid to form fluorine complexes.
  • At high temperatures, hafnium can also be directly combined with oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases to form oxides and nitrides.
  • Hafnium is relatively stable in the air, and powdered hafnium is very easy to burn.
  • Hafnium has a large thermal neutron capture cross-section, and hafnium has outstanding nuclear energy. It is an indispensable rare material for the development of the atomic energy industry.

Hafnium Crystal Bar Applications

High-purity hafnium crystalline rods are used in nickel-based high-temperature alloy additives, CVD evaporation coating, and other industries. Also used in the field of atomic energy, or in military applications.

  • It is mainly used to produce hafnium-based alloy materials. Because hafnium has fast heat absorption and heat release properties (1 time faster than zirconium and titanium), it can be used as structural materials for jet engines and missiles.
  • The refractory properties of hafnium allow it to be used as a blade for turbojet aircraft and in freezing-point pressure jet engines. It can also be used to make valves, nozzles, and other high-temperature parts.

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