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Zirconium Wire - For Welding


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Zirconium wire is obtained by drawing zirconium metal, which can be straight wire or coiled wire. It is widely used in the chemical processing industry. HM provides customized zirconium Wire with the shortest lead time and the best price.

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MaterialsERZr2----(non-alloy zirconium) ERZr4----(Zirconium Niobium Alloy)
StandardAWS A5.24/A5.24M:2005 ASME SFA-5.24/SFA-5.24M

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Zirconium Wire with material grades of ERZr2, ERZr3, ERZr4, and specifications are AWS A5.24/A5.24M and ASME SFA-5.24/SFA-5.24M. Zirconium wire takes on the look of a silvery metal, as do most zirconium products. With a high melting point of 1855°C (3371°F) and a small neutron absorption cross-section, zirconium wire is excellent for the nuclear power industry. Zirconium wire is also finding many other uses as people are becoming more familiar with the product.

Zirconium wires

Zirconium Wire Form

  • Straight Zr wire
  • Coiled Zr wire

Zirconium Wire Packaging

Our zirconium wire is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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