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Gadolinium (Gd) Sheet/Foil/Disc/Plate


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Gadolinium (Gd) sheets/flakes/foils/disks/plates are used as neutron shielding. Gadolinium (Gd) is a soft, shiny, malleable, silvery metal. It is a rare earth metal that is malleable and ductile.HM is a professional supplier and manufacturer of Gd flakes/foils/disks/plates, with customized options for shapes and dimensions to meet specific requirements.

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Please contact us if you need customized services. We will contact you with the price and availability in 24 hours.

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Purity99.9% - 99.99%
SizeThickness 0.1-10mm, Customized

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Gadolinium (Gd) metal is often used as a conversion screen material. It is only slightly malleable and is a ductile rare-earth element. 

Our gadolinium sheets are crafted with the utmost precision, offering exceptional quality for various industrial applications. Available in multiple thicknesses and configurations, these sheets are ideal for high-tech industries, including medical imaging, particularly MRI, and radiation shielding solutions. With excellent magnetic and thermal properties, our gadolinium sheets ensure reliability and performance. Each sheet is available for purchase in standard or custom dimensions to meet the specific needs of your projects. As leading suppliers, we guarantee competitive pricing and prompt delivery. Discover the superior properties of our gadolinium sheets and enhance your product performance today.

Gadalinium (Gd) Sheet/Foil/Disc/Plate

  • Atomic Mass: 157.25 am
  • Melting Point: 1311.0 °C (1584.15 K, 2391.8 °F)
  • Classification: Rare Earth
  • Density: 7.895g/cm3

Gadolinium (Gd) Sheet/Foil/Disc/Plate Dimensions

We can provide custom gadolinium sheets according to your request.


Gadolinium Sheet, Gadolinium Foil, Gadolinium Disc, Gadolinium Plate


0.1mm - 10mm, Tolerance: ±0.01mm


10mm - 200mm, Tolerance: ±1mm


10mm - 400mm, Tolerance: ±1mm


TREM ≥ 99.95%, TREM ≥ 99.9%

What is Gadolinium?

Gadolinium is a silvery-white rare earth metal. Gadolinium is a soft metal with strong magnetic properties. Below its Curie point of 68°F, gadolinium is ferromagnetic and strongly paramagnetic above it. Gadolinium heats up when it enters a magnetic field and cools down when it leaves. These properties make it useful in specialized industrial applications such as metallurgy, MRI, X-ray and PET imaging, nuclear reactors, solid-state laser systems, and solid oxide fuel cells. Its magnetocaloric properties may have future applications in magnetic refrigeration systems. Due to its special crystal structure and magnetic properties, gadolinium is important in refrigeration technology and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Global production is about 400 tons per year.

Gadolinium (Gd) Sheet/Foil/Disc/Plate Applications:

  • Gd Sheet:  Gadolinium tablets are commonly used in scientific research and laboratory applications, such as catalysts and nanoparticle surface modifiers.
  • Gd Foil:  Gadolinium foil is commonly used in the nuclear industry as a neutron source or absorber in nuclear reactors. In addition, it may also be used in the aerospace field as a high-density material for balancing or offsetting vibrations, or as a radiation-shielding material.
  • Gd disks:  Gadolinium disks are commonly used in magnetic research and laboratory applications. Gadolinium has a high magnetic property, so in magnetic experiments, gadolinium disks can be used to prepare magnetic fields. Gadolinium disks can be used as a base or support to fix and study different magnetic materials.
  • Gd Plate:  Gadolinium plates are used to make magnetic components in electronic devices, such as magnetic storage devices, sensors, or motors. Used in heat sinks in spacecraft. Used in the manufacture of medical devices, especially in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment.

What Is Gadolinium Used for?

1. Gadolinium alloys are used to make magnetic and electronic devices, such as video recorders, etc.

2. Gadolinium is widely used as control rods in nuclear power reactors in nuclear power plants.

3. The isotope of gadolinium, Gd, is widely used in tumor treatment and neutron therapy.

4. Gadolinium gallium garnet is used to imitate diamonds.

5. Gadolinium (Gd) has a high magnetic moment of 7.94µB, so it can be used in magnetic resonance imaging and can be made into high-purity (99.999%) gadolinium (Gd) sputtering targets for injection contrast agents.

6. Gadolinium is used as a pipe material for nuclear reactors, a working medium for magnetic refrigeration, and a hydrogen storage alloy matrix for magneto-optical recording materials. It can also be used as a special steel and non-ferrous alloy additive.

How Was Gadolinium Discovered?

Gadolinium was first discovered by Swedish chemist Demarsis Euler in 1880. He isolated this new element from ore in Sweden. Gadolinium is one of the first rare earth elements to be isolated from ore by humans. This discovery opened up new directions for the research and development of rare earth elements.

Why Is Gadolinium Used in MRI?

Gadolinium is used in MRI because it has very special magnetic properties. In MRI, gadolinium can affect the magnetism of surrounding atoms, thereby providing clearer images. When gadolinium is injected into the body, it can enhance the contrast of MRI images, helping doctors diagnose diseases and injuries more accurately.

Gadolinium (Gd) Sheet/Foil/Disc/Plate Packing

Gadolinium (Gd) Sheet/Foil/Disc/Plate products are all vacuum-sealed independently. The small-sized products are packaged in cartons and large-sized products are packaged in wooden boxes.


Where to Buy Gd Flakes/Foils/Disks/Plates in Bulk?

Heeger Materials Inc., a professional supplier and manufacturer of high-quality Rare Earth Materials including Gadolinium (Gd), leverages extensive expertise in supply and export to offer competitive prices. We provide customized solutions to meet specific requirements, ensuring exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. You can safely choose to buy Gd flakes/foils/disks/plates from Heeger Materials Inc..

Heeger Materials Inc. was established in 2016 in Colorado, USA. We are a specialized supplier of premium-grade metals, alloys, ceramics, powders, and various other materials catering to research, development, and large-scale industrial production in scientific and industrial sectors.

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