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Iridium Acid Strontium (Sr2IrO4) Sputtering Target


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HM provides high-quality Sr2IrO4 Sputtering Target at a competitive price, which can be used in Scientific research or industrial production.

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SrCO3 powder (99.99% purity) and IrO2 powder (99.99% purity) were weighted according to the Sr2IrO4 chemical formula and then milled for 8 hours. The mixtures were sintered at ~950 oC for 6 hours to get single-phase Sr2IrO4 powder and its XRD pattern is shown in Figure 1. The Sr2IrO4 powder was milled again and then pressed to a target. Such target was sintered at ~1200 oC under 1.5 MPa pressure to get the high-density Sr2IrO4 target (Figure 2). Since SrIrO3 is just stable at 900-1000 oC and Sr2IrO4 is more stable above 1100 oC, less than 1% of Sr2IrO4 components decompose to SrIrO3, SrO, and Ir in this Sr2IrO4 target. Some bright Ir particles exist in this target. Single-phase Sr2IrO4 film can be prepared through sputtering such a target with an optimizing temperature and oxygen pressure. It is better to not use ultrasonic cleaning to clean such targets.

The current diameter is 25.2mm and the thickness is 6.3mm. Since the target may absorb some vapors inside sealing bags and some surfaces may partially decompose, its diameter may be 24.8-25.2, and thickness may be 5.8-6.3mm in March 2020.

In fact, both Sr2IrO4 target and its films are easy to decompose in humid air or many liquids such as water. 

Single-phase Sr2IrO4 powder sintered at 950 oC for 6 hours

Figure 1. Single-phase Sr2IrO4 powder sintered at 950 oC for 6 hours, where green lines are standard diffraction peaks of Sr2IrO4.

XRD pattern of Sr2IrO4 target

Figure 2. XRD pattern of Sr2IrO4 target, where blue lines are standard diffraction peaks of Sr2IrO4

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