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Molybdenum Strip/Foil is widely used in precision-machined ion etching grids, furnace heat shields, trays, hardware, and heating elements. It offers exceptional formability for shaping into various configurations. Heeger Materials offers high-quality Molybdenum Foil at competitive prices, with customized options are available to meet specific requirements.

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MaterialsMolybdenum metal/TZM/MoLa Alloy
StandardASTM B386

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Molybdenum Strip/Foil is characterized by exceptional creep resistance, high-temperature durability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent thermal conductivity. It is available in lengths of up to 3.2 meters and widths of up to 800 millimeters.

Molybdenum Strip/Ribbon

Molybdenum Strips/Ribbons can be used as lamp components where they provide excellent performance due to their very low production tolerances and guaranteed flawless surface.

Molybdenum Foil       Molybdenum Strip/Ribbon

                    Foil                                     Strip/Ribbon

Molybdenum Strip/Foil Specifications

ProductMolybdenum Strip/Foil
SizeThickness: 0.001”- 0.1875” * Width: < 6” * Length:  TBD         
Material>Molybdenum or Molybdenum alloy including Pure Molybdenum (Type 361), Molybdenum TZM (Type 364), Mo-Lanthanoxid (ML), and Drawing grade
StandardASTM B386
Purity99.95%, 99.99%

*If the thickness is>0.1875”, please check the Molybdenum plate.

*If the width is>6”, please check the Molybdenum sheet and Molybdenum plate.

Molybdenum Strip/Ribbon Applications

  • Precision-machined ion etching grids: Molybdenum foils are used in the fabrication of ion etching grids, which are crucial components in semiconductor manufacturing and surface treatment processes.
  • Furnace heat shields: Molybdenum strips/foils are utilized as heat shields in high-temperature furnaces to protect sensitive components and optimize thermal management.
  • Trays and hardware components: Molybdenum foils are employed in the production of trays for handling and transporting delicate materials in industries such as electronics, aerospace, and medical.
  • Heating elements: Molybdenum strips/foils are utilized as heating elements in various applications, including furnace heaters, electrical resistance heaters, and thermoelectric devices.
  • Formability applications: The exceptional formability of molybdenum foils allows them to be shaped into domes, brackets, and other intricate geometries, making them suitable for applications requiring customized shapes and designs.

Molybdenum Strip/Ribbon Surface Finish

  •   Cold Rolling – The Molybdenum sheet or strip is placed in a cold rolling mill for processing, and the surface is made smoother and more uniform by the rolling action of the cold rolling mill.

Molybdenum and Molybdenum Alloy ASTM Grade

  • Molybdenum 361—Unalloyed powder metallurgy molybdenum
  • TZM Molybdenum Alloy 364—Powder metallurgy molybdenum-0.5 % titanium-0.1 % zirconium (TZM) alloy
  • Mo-Lanthanoxid (ML)-Doped La2O3 at 0.3 %, 0.7% or 0.03%
  • Drawing Grade—A drawing grade is defined, which may be specified as a separate requirement by the purchaser

Molybdenum (Mo) Strip / Foil Packaging

Molybdenum Strip/Foil will be carefully packaged in wooden cases, and supported with soft materials to prevent movement during transportation. This ensures that the products remain securely in place throughout the packaging process.

Molybdenum (Mo) Strip/Foil Packing

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