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Liquid Metal Thermal Paste (GaInSnAg)

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Liquid Metal Thermal Paste (GaInSnAg) is made of 100% metal material by using nanotechnology and adding nano metal powder into the liquid metal.

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HM provides high-quality liquid metal thermal paste (GaInSnAg) at a competitive price, which can be used in Scientific research or industrial production. Liquid Metal Thermal Paste(GaInSnAg) has great adhesivity and high-temperature resistance and is non-flowing, non-volatile, non-oxidative in a high-temperature environment. It has a wide range of working temperatures and good thermal shock resistance and great aging resistance.

  • Linear Formula: Ga-In-Sn-Ag
  • Purity: 99.99%
  • Appearance: Silver White Paste
  • Density: 6.44 g/cm3 (at 20°C)
  • Melting point: 6-10°C 
  • Boiling Point: >2200°C 
  • Electrical conductivity: 3.4 X 10 6 S/m (at 20°C)
  • Thermal conductivity: >25 W/m·K


Composition Nano Technology - GaInSnAg
Thermal Conductivity >25W/m·K
Specification 5g, 10g, 100g
Conductivity 3 X 10^6 S/m
Viscosity 8000 mPa·s
Operating temperature -50℃~600℃
Volatilization rate <0.001%
Corrosive Aluminum corrosion

Liquid Metal Thermal Paste (GaInSnAg) Applications

Liquid Metal Thermal Paste (GaInSnAg) is certainly RoHS conformable and definitely nontoxic and can be directly coated on the surface between the heat source and heat radiator in thickness of 0.05mm to 0.2mm for fast cooling. It is compatible with copper and stainless steel without emitting organic substances.


Liquid Metal Thermal Paste (GaInSnAg) is a great substitute for Silicone Grease and can be applied to IGBT cooling and LED cooling, power battery, and CPU/GPU cooling. This thermal paste also has good electric conductivity and has good potential application in Printed Circuit boards, solar energy conductive paste, etc. It can ensure the long-term operational safety of heat dissipation systems for their strong stability and reliability. Also, its viscosity and fluidity are controllable and adjustable according to the customer’s requirement.

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