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Gallium (Ga) Granule

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Gallium (Ga) finds extensive utilization in semiconductor and optoelectronic applications, as well as in metal alloying and energy storage applications. Heeger Materials provides the best gallium granules at a competitive price. Our products are known for their superior performance and reliability. We are committed to providing you with the best solutions for your specific needs.

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Gallium granule is a soft silvery metallic granule. It is a brittle solid at low temperatures. According to its purity gallium could be used in semiconductor and optoelectronic applications and it is also used in metal alloying and energy storage applications. Heeger Materials is engaged in the re-processing of Gallium and dedicates most of its R&D efforts to its granules, alloys, and compounds.

Gallium (Ga) Granule

Gallium Metal (Ga) Granule

  • Molecular Formula: Ga
  • CAS: 7440-55-3
  • 99.999%
  • Phase at STP: solid
  • Appearance: silvery blue
  • Melting point: 302.9146 K (29.7646 °C, 85.5763 °F)
  • Boiling point: 2673 K (2400 °C, 4352 °F)
  • Density (near r.t.): 5.91 g/cm3
  • when liquid (at m.p.): 6.095 g/cm3
  • Heat of fusion: 5.59 kJ/mol
  • Heat of vaporization: 256 kJ/mol
  • Molar heat capacity: 25.86 J/(mol·K)

Gallium (Ga) Granule Applications

  • Preparation of Gallium Arsenide(GaAs)x Gallium Phosphide(GaP) and Gallium Nitride(GaN) which are used for wireless communication, LED illumination 
  • GaAs concentrated solar cell and CIGS Thin-film solar cell 
  • Magnetic substance and Nd-Fe-B advanced magnetic materials 
  • Low melting point alloy 
  • Preparation of Ga2O3 and semiconductor chip
  • Medical applications: Observing that cancer tissue was attractive to 67Ga.

Gallium (Ga) Granule Storage and Packing

Gallium (Ga) Granule is carefully packaged in carton boxes with foam protection to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition. The vacuum packing is based on specific requirements. 

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  • Strict quality control for procedures of raw material, process control, and pre-delivery. 
  • Each content of Cu, Fe, Pb, Cd, Au, Hg, and Zn, is less than 3ppm to 99.99% grade. 
  • Vacuum packaging to prevent pollution and oxidation, and small packaging is also available. 
  • Dangerous goods transport available. 
  • Great technical capability to be a valued and long-term supplier. 
  • Technical Support: 24-hour technical support by e-mail or call.

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