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Heeger Materials offers a selection of over 100 high purity products, including metals, metal oxides and metal salts, with 99.999% purity or higher. We can provide Selenium (Se) with the purity of 99.99%, 99.999%,99.9999% and 99.99999% in size of ingot, lump and powder.

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Purity99.99%-99.9999% (4N-6N)

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High-purity and ultra-high purity Selenium (Se) materials are crucial components for the research, development, and production of advanced technologies which require optimum properties, performance, and quality.

The selenium monopolism is a red or gray powder with a grey metallic gloss. Of the six known solid allomorphs, three crystals (α, β, and grey triangular crystals) are the most important. The grey is the most stable crystal with a density of 4.81g/cm3. It also exists in three forms of amorphous solids: red, black, two amorphous glass-shaped selenium. The former is brittle with a density of 4.26g/cm3; the latter is 4.28g/cm3 and the other is colloidal selenium.

Selenium Application:

  • Electrolytic manganese industry: Selenium is added in the production of electrolytic manganese to enhance the current efficiency.
  • Glass industry: Selenium de-colors glass by neutralizing the green color due to the presence of iron. If red color is desired cadmium sulphoselenide is added. Selenium is also used in the production of privacy glass.

  • Agriculture: Since selenium is an essential micronutrient for animals it is used in premix for feed additives. It is also added to some special blends of fertilizers.

  • Metallurgy: Selenium is added to improve the machinability of carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper. It acts as a grain refiner in the grids of low-maintenance lead-acid batteries.

  • Pigment: Cadmium sulfoselenide compounds are added in plastics, glass, ceramics, and paints for the red or orange color.

  • Electronic/electrical: Due to infrared light transparency, Selenium is used in windows for infrared optical devices (lenses for CO2 lasers).

  • In solar cells, selenium is used in CIGS, CIS, and CdSe.

It is also used in some smaller electronic applications like thermoelectric devices. Lithium-selenium batteries are one of the most promising systems for energy storage but are still in an early stage of development.

Selenium Packing:

Selenium is packed with dacron film, then covered with a sealed plastic film bag or in a polyethylene bottle.

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