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Tin Telluride | SnTe


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Heeger Materials offers a selection of over 100 high purity products, including metals, metal oxides and metal salts, with 99.999% purity or higher. We can provide Tin Telluride (SnTe) with the purity of 99.99%, 99.999%,99.9999% and 99.99999% in size of ingot, lump and powder.

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Purity99.99%-99.999% (4N-5N)
ProductTin telluride

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Tin telluride (SnTe) is a compound of tin and tellurium, is an IV-VI narrow bandgap semiconductor, and has a direct bandgap of 0.18 eV. It is often alloyed with lead to make lead tin telluride, which is used as infrared detector material.

  • Chemical formula: SnTe
  • Molar mass:246.31 g/mol
  • Appearance: gray cubic crystals
  • Density:6.445 g/cm
  • Melting point:790 °C (1,450 °F; 1,060 K)
  • Band gap:0.18 eV
  • Electron mobility:500 cm2 V−1 s−1
  • Crystal structure: Halite (cubic), cF8


  • Tin Telluride (SnTe) Pieces
  • Tin Telluride (SnTe) Granules
  • Tin Telluride (SnTe) Powder
  • Tin telluride (SnTe) Sputtering Target


Generally, Pb is alloyed with SnTe in order to access interesting optical and electronic properties, In addition, as a result of Quantum confinement, the bandgap of the SnTe increases beyond the bulk bandgap, covering the mid-IR wavelength range. The alloyed material has been used in mid- IR photodetectors and thermoelectric generators.


Normal temperature, airtight, cool, ventilated, and dry

  • Class 6.1
  • 234-914-8
  • UN3288
  • 12040-02-7

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