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Tantalum Marker Band (Ta Marker Band)


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The marker band ring is a marking ring used as an X-ray imaging mark for the distal working area in interventional therapy. It is disposable medical material. Tantalum is a new type of maker band material. Tantalum is a corrosion-resistant metal and has a very good affinity with human tissues. , And the price is lower than the common platinum-iridium developing ring.

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Purity99.95% ,99.99%
ConditionAnnealed, Unannealed

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The tantalum marker band, also called tantalum imaging ring, enables the catheter for minimally invasive cardiovascular treatment to display the specific position of the catheter during interventional treatment, which is convenient for doctors to perform interventional operations and improve the accuracy of the operation. Tantalum is widely used in medical devices due to its high density, X-ray impermeability, good biocompatibility, and physical and chemical properties. Moreover, its low price enables it to completely replace platinium-iridium alloys.

Tantalum marker band -

Tantalum Marker Band Dimensions

  •   Outer diameter range: 0.2-8mm
  •   Max accuracy of outer diameter: +/-0.003mm
  •   Range of tube wall thickness:0.015-0.5mm
  •   Max accuracy of wall thickness: +/-0.005mm
  •   Max accuracy of length: +/- 0.05mm

After completion, watch with a microscope, Tantalum marker band ring has features of average metal gloss, no color changed by hydrogenation and oxidation, no scratch, no deformation, no skin needling, etc.

Tantalum marker band and platinum-iridium marker band Comparison

Comparison of the tantalum marker band and platinum-iridium marker band

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