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Calcium Nitride Powder, Ca3N2, CAS 12013-82-0


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Calcium Nitride (Ca3N2) Powder, comprising calcium and nitrogen with the chemical formula Ca3N2, manifests as a reddish-brown crystalline solid. It serves as a pivotal substance in the production of premium phosphors. The purity and particle size of the powder can be customized to meet specific requirements.

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Calcium Nitride (Ca3N2) Powder hydrolyzes when it meets water, producing calcium hydroxide and emitting ammonia. Heeger Materials provides top-quality Calcium Nitride (Ca3N2) Powder at a competitive price, which is a chemical reagent and the main raw material of phosphor. 

Calcium Nitride Powder, Ca3N2, CAS 12013-82-0

  • Formula: Ca3N2
  • Molecular Weight: 148.25g/mol
  • Melting Point: 1195℃
  • Density: 2.670 g/cm3
  • CAS: 12013-82-0
  • Water Soluble: Reaction

Calcium Nitride Powder Specifications


Purity (%)

Particle D50 (μm)

Impurity (ppm)
















Calcium Nitride Powder Properties

Calcium Nitride Powder, Ca3N2, CAS 12013-82-0 SEM

  • High-temperature resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Soluble in dilute acid and decomposes in alcohol

Calcium Nitride Powder Production Process

Calcium nitride can be produced by reacting monolithic calcium in a stream of nitrogen. After distillation and purification of the fine fibrous calcium metal in the nickel boat, in the pure N2 gas stream heated at 450 ℃ 3 ~ 4 h. Because, at this temperature calcium metal crystalline transformation (hexagonal crystal Ca → body-centered cubic Ca), the metal lattice structure becomes loose, so the nitride reaction is fast, you can get calcium nitride.

Calcium Nitride Powder Application

  • Calcium nitride is mainly used as a chemical reagent and is the main raw material of phosphor.
  • It can also be used as a hard alloy, diamond tool, metal ceramics, and high-temperature-resistant alloy additives.
  • Calcium nitride has excellent properties such as high-temperature resistance, impact resistance, good thermal conductivity, etc. It is widely used in the electronic industry, ceramic industry, and other fields.

Calcium Nitride Powder Storage and Packing

Calcium Nitride (Ca3N2) Powder should be kept sealed and stored in a cool and dry place. The vacuum packing is 1kg/bag, 25 kg/drum, or as required.


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