Laser Cutting Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic Substrate

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Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic possesses excellent thermal conductivity and insulation properties. Heeger Materials can provide top-quality and various types of aluminum nitride ceramic products and offer customization services based on customer drawings, allowing for any desired specifications and shapes. Our capabilities include cutting, drilling, milling, laser scribing, and laser marking.

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ShapePer request or drawing
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Production MethodLaser Cutting

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Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic is a new type of functional electronic ceramic material, which is produced by using aluminum nitride powder as raw material and employing a tape casting process followed by high-temperature sintering. It has excellent thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, and dielectric loss. 

HM can use laser processing to meet the customer's specific requirements according to drawings, including processes such as marking, punching, and slotting. Laser punching can achieve a minimum hole diameter of 0.05mm, and laser cutting can handle thicknesses below 2mm. Advanced processing technology ensures high precision and good repeatability. 

Laser Cutting Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic Substrate

Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic Properties



Test Standard




Melting Point


Thermal Conductivity

25 W/(m.k)


Dielectric Constant

1 MHz, 25℃


Dielectric Loss

1 MHz, 25℃


Dielectric Strength



Flexural  Strength



Elastic Modulus






Surface roughness


  1. 8

Coefficient of thermal expansion

20~300 (10-6/℃)


Volume resistivity



Water Absorption



Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic Laser Processing

  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Laser scribing
  • Laser Marking

Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic Laser Processed Parts

Laser Cutting Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic Substrate Applications

  • Used in electronic devices such as substrates for high-power integrated circuits, heat sinks, and insulating components due to their excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties.
  • Used for the manufacturing of components used in optoelectronic devices, including LED packages, laser diode mounts, and optical components.

Laser Cutting Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic Substrate Packing

Laser Cutting Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic Substrate is carefully packaged with adhesive-free surface protection tape and cardboard boxes to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

Laser Cutting Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Ceramic Substrate Packing

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